Ethics and Responsible Data Innovation Researcher

The BISS Experience

Searching in the dark to be expected. Struggles likely. Impactful work ensured. At BISS, you put scientific knowledge into action. You provide digital solutions to law and, depending on your expertise and interests, to other fields such as health, biotechnology, neuroscience, psychology, economics, and humanities. You will be working in a vibrant environment where scientists and researchers from different disciplines focused on data science work on translating academic knowledge to practice through cases with companies and governmental and non-profit organisations. You will work closely with all-star professors from various disciplines, including law. You will set up challenging research projects together with other researchers.

About BISS

The Brightlands Institute for Smart Society (BISS) is Maastricht University’s platform for translational data-driven research and education, joining expertise and staff from all six UM faculties. It offers a flexible, agile, and state-of-the-art Living Lab environment that nurtures collective intelligence and integrative thinking. The multidisciplinary activities will be set up as projects, partner agreements, and programs, featuring innovation, collaboration, awareness, and solutions.

BISS is governed by a management team consisting of a managing director and several principal investigators (PI) who lead a group of researchers. The PIs are jointly responsible for development and implementation of the collaborative scientific strategy, direction, and content. BISS has a administrative, financial, legal, and organisational support team.

The Position

Data Science and Data-Driven Technologies are changing the way that we live and importantly the way that we work! As the world of work is transformed by digitalization and data-science we need to carefully think about how these changes spill over into other parts of our lives, and we need to carefully manage these transformations to ensure that the benefits and indeed the costs are distributed in ways that are sustainable, responsible, and fair.

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Questions can be addressed to: Darian Meacham (d.meacham(at)

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