Declaring cost for a study group

Study Group procedure how to declare costs:

To declare costs, the following needs to be send with the request to declare, within 1 month after the activity:

  • The SAP number 1595503005 (Study Group)
  • Name of the Study Group
  • the name of the declarant
  • the event
  • the date of the event
  • the information of the declarant as described in the procedure on the OZSW website

All applications have to be submitted to the OZSW secretariat within a month after the event took place.


The application(s) (possibly in 1 collective submission, with accompanying bills) can be sent in 1 pdf to the OZSW secretariat provided there is only 1 person who declares the costs. Only 1 declarant is allowed per application. This person will receive the amount on the application.

It is not the policy of the OZSW to make part of the budget available to you in advance.

You can therefore not send invoices to us.

It is not possible to declare study group costs if you have not received a grant from the OZSW.

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