PhD conference Theoretical Philosophy: Continental and Analytic Philosophy Brought Together

The Dutch Research School of Philosophy (OZSW) and Leiden University invite PhD and Research Masters students in philosophy to register for the PhD conference in Theoretical Philosophy, ”Continental and Analytic Philosophy Brought Together”, to take place 9 January 2019.

Organizing university

Leiden University


9 January 2019


Institute of Philosophy, Leiden University, P.J. Vethgebouw, Nonnensteeg Leiden,  entrance through the Hortus Botanicus, room 1.01.


Type of activity


Type of activity

For this activity PhD students and ReMa students can – after successful completion – earn a certificate. However, the OZSW is not accredited to reward students with credits/ECTS directly. The study load is mentioned on the certificate, which can usually be exchanged for ‘real’ credits (ECTS) at your home university. More information. The study load for this activity is as follows: ....

Primary target group

Postdocs, PhD students, ReMa students

If places available, also open to

ReMa students

Application/registration deadline

Deadline abstract (extended!): 15 November 2018
Notification of acceptance: 1 December 2018
Participation deadline: 15 December 2018

About the topic

If we look at the origins of analytic philosophy, it becomes gradually more clear that continental traditions have played an important role: think for example of the influence of phenomenology and Neo-Kantianism. Independent of these historical aspects, one may ask: Can the continental tradition add something to the problems and methods within analytic philosophy today? Can analytic philosophy be brought to a new stage by incorporating ideas coming from the continental tradition? And, what tensions does this create? Think, for example, of the naturalism that is often presupposed in analytic philosophy. On the other side, one can raise the question: Can analytic philosophy contribute to problems and methods in continental philosophy? One may in the end argue that a distinction between analytic and continental philosophy is not viable at all. Although these questions make sense in relation to the whole field of philosophy, the focus is on theoretical philosophy: epistemology, philosophy of science, logic, philosophy of logic and language, philosophy of mind, and metaphysics.

Call for abtracts
PhD students, Research master students, and Postdocs are invited to send in an abstract relating to the topic. Although talks in either analytic or continental philosophy will be considered, there is a preference for those talks that are able to connect the two traditions.

Talks should be no longer than 20 minutes (followed by discussion); abstracts no longer than 500 words.


Place: P.J. Vethgebouw, entrance through the Hortus Botanicus, room 1.01

Date: 9 January 2019

9.15 Coffee/Tea & Introduction at 9.25

9.30-10.30 Keynote speaker Kristina Engelhard, ‘From Transcendental Philosophy to Contemporary Analytic Metaphysics and Back Again’


10.45-11.15 Jitka Paitlová, ‘Traditional Philosophy, X-phi and Objective Knowledge’

11.20-11.50 Philip Mills, ‘Nietzsche, Wittgenstein and the Philosophy of Language’

11.55-12.25 Rachel Boddy, ‘Fregean Definitions in the Philosophy of Mathematics’

Lunch Faculty Club

13.45-14.15 Willem Daub, ‘Aristotelian Argumentation and Platonic Imaging’

14.20-14.50 Rob Riemersma, ‘Analytic Philosophy and Continental Philosophy’


15.10-15.40 Guido Tana, ‘Recognizing the Objectivity and Authority of Norms: Kripke, Hegel, and Davidson’

15.45-16.15 Yu Jing, ‘The Impossibility of Deduction for Lewisians’


16.30-17.30 Keynote speaker Iris van der Tuin, ‘Susanne K. Langer (1895-1985) Bridging and Traversing the Analytic-Continental Divide’

Drinks Faculty Club

Dinner Faculty Club 18.30


Abstract submission

Abstracts can be submitted through the registration form below.


The registration fee is €50,- for all participants.

Registration/application form

Please register using this form.


Marietje van der Schaar, Institute for Philosophy, Leiden University
Dutch Research School of Philosophy

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