OZSW Graduate Conference in Theoretical Philosophy 2015

RU-logoThe Dutch Research School of Philosophy (OZSW) and the Radboud University Nijmegen invite anyone interested to the “OZSW Graduate Conference in Theoretical Philosophy”, to take place from 29 April to 1 May 2015. At the conference, PhD & Research Master students will present their current research.


Organizing university

Radboud University Nijmegen


29 April - 1 May 2015



Type of activity

graduate conference

Primary target group

PhD students, ReMa students

Application/registration deadline

Registration for the conference is now open.

About the topic

For this year’s OZSW Graduate Conference we have invited the new generation of researchers, both PhD’s and Research Master students, to present their current work. Through their presentations we hope to get a glimpse of refreshing new ways of approaching old questions, or perhaps see classic ideas used to tackle new problems.

The conference will feature 20-minute presentations, connected to the field of theoretical philosophy in either its analytic or its continental tradition (philosophy of mind, language and science, logic, metaphysics and epistemology, aesthetics). Some PhD’s and ReMa’s who are still in the early phases of their research, will present a poster in one of the dedicated poster sessions.


Wednesday, April 29th

When What
09:30 Registration (Foyer)
10:00 Conference opening (GN 3)
10:30 Keynote #1: Jennifer Lackey (GN3)

Group Lies

12:00 Parallel session 1
Metaphysics 1 (GN1) Philosophy of Religion (GN2) Philosophy of Mind 1 (GN4) Metaphilosophy 1 (GN5)
Corrado Fumagalli
“Just as the same city viewed from different directions” A (not so) long way from Perspectivism to Democratic Principles
Hans van Eyghen
Sciencing up religious epistemology
Lieke Asma
Free Will and the Acquisition of (Conscious) Intentions
Pieter van der Kolk

The Faultiness of Peer Disagreements

Alexander Thinius
Perspectivism – Old Wine In A New Bottle?
Michael Musielewicz

Understanding the autonomy of science. A lesson from the history of the State-Church relationship during the middle ages

Joris D. Raven
The Acceleration System. A Social-Ontological Approach
Pauline van Wierst

The potential of computational methods in philosophical research

13:15 Lunch (Foyer)
14:15 Parallel session 2
Metaphilosophy 2 (GN1) Philosophy of Science 1 (GN2) Epistemology 1 (GN4) Philosophy of Language 1 (GN5)
Thomas Jussuf Spiegel

Quietism as an alternative to Naturalism

Gijs Leegwater
From Many-Worlds to a Single World
Coos Engelsma
A Dilemma for Coherentism

Eleonore Neufeld

Making the Case for Strict Compositionality

Mitchell Welle
Innovation or Revival: the idea of Interdisciplinary
Jaco de Swart
Theory in Action: Scripts, Scruples, and the Mass of the Universe
David Jenkins
Rational Intuition and Externalism About Reasons
Dejan Makovec

Certain Problems

15:30 Break (Foyer)
16:00 Parallel session 3
Epistemology 2 (GN1) Philosophy of Science 2 (GN2) Metaphysics 2 (GN4)
Herman Veluwenkamp

Is deliberative indispensability sufficient for epistemic justification?

Elina Vessonen
Carnapian Explication and the Science of Well-being
Akos Gyarmathy

The problem of vague identity with persistence

Michael Klenk

Unyielding deliberation: does the “intrinsic indispensability” of explanation and deliberation justify belief in unobservable properties? An assessment of a transcendental argument.

Julia Jankowska

Gödel on Concepts

Bas Donders

Naturalized metaphysics and the special composition question

17:30 Drinks and dinner (Cultuurcafé)

Key note speakers

  • Hanne Jacobs
  • Jennifer Lackey
  • James Ladyman

Abstract submission

The deadline for abstract submission has passed. It is no longer possible to submit.

How to apply / register

Please register before April 15th, 2015.

Registration/application form


  • Gert-Jan van der Heiden (RUN)
  • Marc Slors (RUN)
  • Ezra Delahaye (RUN)
  • Simon Gusman (RUN)
  • Carli Coenen (OU/RUN)
  • Frank van Caspel (OU)

Contact info

See also: http://gctp15.nl/