Book Symposium with R. Jay Wallace ‘The Moral Nexus’

The OZSW study group ‘Moral Psychology’ organizes a book symposium with the author (sponsored by the OZSW). Three commentators will start off the discussion. All are welcome. Attendance is free, but please register by sending an email to the study group coordinators and

Organizing university

Tilburg University


June 14 2019


Tilburg University, room DZ 10 (Dante Building:

Type of activity

1-day symposium

Type of activity


About the topic

In The Moral Nexus (Princeton University Press, 2019) R. Jay Wallace develops and defends a new interpretation of morality—namely, as a set of requirements that connect agents normatively to other persons in a nexus of moral relations. According to this relational interpretation, moral demands are directed to other individuals, who have claims that the agent comply with these demands. Interpersonal morality, so conceived, is the domain of what we owe to each other, insofar as we are each persons with equal moral standing.


13.00 precis of the book by R. Jay Wallace

13.30 comment by Daphne Brandenburg (Radboud University, Nijmegen & Macquarie University, Sydney)  ‘Reactive Responses and Social Marginalisation’  

14.00 comment by Jonas  Vandieken (LMU Munich) title tba

14.30 comment by Matthé Scholten (Ruhr University Bochum) ‘Relational accountability without relational obligation: Kantian and utilitarian perspectives’

15.00 coffee break

15.30 reply to comments by the author

16.00 plenary discussion

17.00 end



Jay Wallace is the Judy Chandler Webb Distinguished Chair in the Department of Philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley. He is the author of Responsibility and the Moral Sentiments, Normativity and the Will, and The View from Here: On Affirmation, Attachment, and the Limits of Regret.

How to apply / register

Attendance is free, but please register by sending an email to the study group coordinators and


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Alfred Archer