2016 Conference – Registration & Fees

Registration fees

Registration will open on the 1st of October. The ‘early bird’ registration fees for the conference – valid until 15 November 2016 – will be as follows:

Conference fees

Non-OZSW* members senior  € 210.00 (€ 260 after 15 November)

Non-OZSW*-PhD students       € 130.00 (€ 180 after 15 November)


OZSW-members senior             € 150.00 (€ 200 after 15 November)

OZSW-PhD students                   € 100.00 (€ 150 after 15 November)


Research Master students        € 50.00 (€ 100 after 15 November)

*To find out if you are eligible for OZWS membership, go to http://www.ozsw.nl/membership/.

OZSW membership

Please notice that we will check the conference registration list against the membership list. If you register as an OZSW member while you are not a member, your registration for the conference will be invalid. So if you are working with a Dutch philosophy department and are not yet a member, please register for OZSW membership first (www.ozsw.nl/membership) before registering for the conference!

How to register for the conference

Please visit the registration page for the 2016 OZSW conference.


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