Upcoming and Past PhD Thesis Defenses

The defense of a doctal dissertation is a public, ceremonial event in the Netherlands. The calendar below displays upcoming defenses of OZSW PhD student members. The OZSW congratulates the students in question with this accomplishment.

Four times per year – generally in the 2nd week of March, June, September, and December – all OZSW members will receive an e-mail with an overview of all upcoming doctoral thesis defenses.

Instructions for PhD students
to include their defense
Please see at the end of the page

Calendar of forthcoming defenses

Instructions for PhD students
If you log into the OZSW site, you can add your defense to the calendar. Only defencss which have been added to the calendar will be included in OZSW announcements. Please bear the following in mind:

  • Select the category “Doctoral thesis defense” (under 1a – External, non-OZSW event), otherwise your defense will not be included in the calendar above;
  • Also select your university as a category – so that your university’s logo will be displayed in the calendar;
  • As event title, include: “Doctoral defense “[short title of your dissertation]” by [your name]
  • Please include a short summary of the topic (length about the size of a back cover) under “description”

Past defenses

22-06-2017M. Milosavljevic-VujosevicRUGThe subjective conditions of human morality. The Relevance of Kant’s Moral Psychology
27-01-2017Shannon SpruitTUDManaging the uncertain risks of nanoparticles. Aligning responsibility and relationships
27-01-2017Sem de MaagtUUConstructing Morality : Transcendental Arguments in Ethics
20-01-2017Lasha AbzianidzeTUA Natural Proof System for Natural Language
19-01-2017Zoe RobaeyTUDSeeding Moral Responsibility in Ownership: How to Deal with Uncertain Risks of GMOs
13-12-2016Natascha KienstraRUEffectief filosoferen in de klas. Docenten zelf lesontwerpen laten maken in het schoolvak filosofie
30-11-2016Arjen KleinherenbrinkRUNMachine philosophy. Gilles Deleuze and the externality of entities
29-11-2016Stefan MendritzkiTUEThe Divergent Evolution of Evolutionary Economics
29-11-2016M.E. CornouVUFormative worship in emerging Protestantism in Argentina, 1867 -1930
11-11-2016Antje RumbergUUTransitions toward a Semantics for Real Possibility
03-11-2016Johan BlokRUGBolzano’s early quest for a priori synthetic principles
28-10-2016Morten Fybieger ByskovUU Between Experts and Locals: Towards an inclusive framework for a development agenda
13-10-2016Saskia BultmanLUConstructing a Female Delinquent Self. Assessing Pupils in the Dutch State Reform School for Girls, 1905-1975
07-10-2016Christian DetweilerTUDAccounting for Values in Design
28-09-2016Michelle HabetsUUEthical challenges in translational pluripotent stem cell research. Justifying leaps of faith
28-09-2016Dawa OmettoUUFreedom & Self-Knowledge
09-09-2016Matthé ScholtenUvAReminders of Duty: A Kantian Theory of Blame.
02-09-2016Luis Mireles FloresEUREconomic science for use : causality and evidence in policy making
23-06-2016Gwendolyn BakxTUDSafety in large-scale socio-technological systems: Insights gained from a series of systems studies
22-06-2016Sammie TarenskeenRUWhat's the Use of Colour? On the Role of Salience in Overspecification
09-06-2016Joost van DriesscheRUGMuishond: Techno-wetenschappelijke, literaire en ethische bewegingen van taal
09-06-2016Mehdi Fasihi HarandiTUDHydrosystems as Multipractice Phenomena: A Normative Approach to Analysing Governance System Failures
26-05-2016Sara DekkingUU The integration of research and care in pediatric oncology: implications for review and consent
13-05-2016Corstin DieterichUvA Agency at its best. Individual and collective responsibility and autonomy.
12-05-2016Sophie NiemansburgUU The ethics of bringing Regenerative Medicine to patients: the example of orthopedics.
22-04-2016Remko van BroekhovenUU De Bewakers Bewaakt - Journalistiek en leiderschap in een gemediatiseerde democratie
21-04-2016Esther KeymolenEUR Trust on the line: a philosophical exploration of trust in the networked era
05-04-2016Tom WangUUHuman Right and Internet Access - A philosophical investigation
24-03-2016Mathijs NotermansLURecht en vrede bij Hans Kelsen: juridisch pacifisme als stilzwijgende betekenis van zijn Zuivere Rechtsleer
18-03-2016Bert LoonstraVUWorldview and Psychotherapy. Forty Years of Christian Integration Debate as a Case Study
17-03-2016Patricia van DykVUStory as Philosophy: Young Adult Fiction and Ethical Imagination
14-03-2016Thomas BatesRUGSituationism and character pessimism
25-02-2016Jeroen BouterseLUNature and history : towards a hermeneutic philosophy of historiography of science
17-02-2016Ruthanne CrapoVULove as Word and Flesh: an Irigarayan Reading of Kinship and the State
09-02-2016Karin JongsmaEURAdvance directives in dementia research. A medical ethical inquiry
25-01-2016Ronnie HermensRUG Philosophy of quantum probability: An empiricist study of its formalism and logic
26-11-2015Joost HengstmengelEURDivine Oeconomy: The role of providence in early-modern economic thought before Adam Smith
19-11-2015Sander VerhaeghRUGRafts, Boats, and Cruise Ships. Naturalism and Holism in Quine's Philosophy
12-11-2015Henriëtte JoostenEUR Nietzsche’s New Dawn: Educating students to strive for better in a dynamic professional world
06-11-2015Caroline HarnackeUUFrom Human Nature to Moral Judgments. Reframing Debates about Disability and Enhancement
05-11-2015Andrea StrazzoniEURThe Foundation of Early Modern Science: Metaphysics, Logic and Theology
19-06-2015Sine BagaturEURIn Defense of a Democratic Account of Human Rights
02-06-2015Liesbeth FeikemaUUStill not at Ease: Corruption and Conflict of Interest in Hybrid Political Orders
29-05-2015Jeroen GoudsmitUUIntuitionistic Rules: Admissible Rules of Intermediate Logics
15-01-2015Stefan KollerTUDThe Birth of Ethics from the Spirit of Tectonics
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