OZSW study groups

The OZSW cordially invites all its members to establish study groups on research topics of collective interest. The purpose of an OZSW study group is to develop collective research-related activities in a certain philosophical area or on a certain philosophical topic. These activities can consist of seminars, discussion sessions, reading groups and the like.

At the moment the following study groups are active within the OZSW:

The OZSW is very keen to start up new study groups on other topics. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you consider establishing a group.

Study group coordinators

Study Group Coordinator
Analytical Philosophy Jeroen Hopster
Aesthetics / Philosophy of the Arts Rob van Gerwen
Ancient Philosophy Frederik Bakker & Albert Joosse
Business Ethics Wim Dubbink
Christian Philosophy Gerrit Glas & Christine Boshuijzen
Comparative & Global Philosophy Stephen Harris
Continental Philosophy Philippe van Haute
Early Modern Philosophy Andrea Sangiacomo & Laurens van Apeldoorn
Enactivism F.A. Muller
Ethics & Philosophy of Technology Sven Nyholm
Ethics of Care & Health Maartje Schermer
Environmental Philosophy Marc Davidson
Feminist Philosophy Annemie Halsema & Nathanja van den Heuvel
History of Dutch Scientific Philosophy F.A. Muller
History of Metaphysics: Greek/Arabic/Latin Traditions Wouter Goris
Klassieke Duitse Filosofie & haar Actualiteit Christian Krijnen
Meta-Ethics & Moral Psychology Katrien Schaubroeck & Daan Evers
MetaMetaphysical Club, The F.A. Muller & Tim de Mey
Philosophy & Psychiatry Derek Strijbos & Gerrit Glas
Philosophy around 1900 Carlo Ierna
Philosophy in Central and Eastern Europe Natalia Danilkina
Philosophy of Biology Joeri Witteveen
Philosophy of Physics F.A. Muller
Philosophy of Religion Hans Van Eyghen
Philosophy of Responsibility Philip Robichaud & Jan Willem Wieland
Philosophy of Statistics Jan-Willem Romeijn
Political Philosophy Eric Boot & Tim Meijers
Structuralism F.A. Muller
Theological Ethics Angela Roothaan & Steven van den Heuvel
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