OZSW Activities

This table gives an overview of all OZSW activities.

A number of activities, such as the annual debate and the annual conference, are meant for both junior and senior members.

The OZSW also organizes or supports a number of activities which are specifically aimed at PhD and ReMa students.  Please note that some of the events may have restricted access for either PhD or ReMA students, others may allow participants from both groups. Most activities also allow non-OZSW-members to participate (but a fee generally applies).


Please note: PhD students and ReMa students can earn credits (ECTS) by participating in OZSW activities. However, the OZSW is not accredited to reward students with credits directly. The column ‘ECTS’ represents the study load of the course. For many of the activities you can – after successful completion – get an OZSW certificate mentioning this study load which can be exchanged for ‘real’ credits (ECTS) at your home university. More information.

Methodology in the History of Philosophy26 - 29 June 2017Summer school5GroningenRU_thumbnail.jpg
Collegium Spinozanum 4 - 7 July 2017Summer schoolGroningenRU_thumbnail.jpg
Dutch-Flemish Day of Philosophy16 September 2017ConferenceAmsterdamVU-Amsterdam_thumbnail
Theoretical Philosophy Networking Event22 September 2017Networking eventUtrechtUniversity of Twente
Migration, Borders, and Citizenship26 - 30 October 2017Autumn schoolAmsterdamUvA-logo_thumbnail
Career Perspectives for Phd StudentsOctober 2017OZSW PhD Council EventTBALogoOZSW_WitOpRood_60x60
OZSW Annual Conference 201710-11 November 2017Annual ConferenceDoornUU_thumbnail
Working with the Past: Historical Methods in Philosophy Autumn 2017CourseLeiden
Philosophy SlamDecember 2017OZSW PhD Council EventTBALogoOZSW_WitOpRood_60x60
Digital Humanities, Social Epistemology, and Virtue Theory in a Post-Truth Society14-15 December 2017Workshop / master class1AmsterdamTUD_thumbnail
Masterclass on Feminist Theory - Ethics in the Anthropocene13-14 June2-day Masterclass2Leiden and Utrecht UU_thumbnail
Axiomatic Metaphysics22- 24 May 2017Lecture SeriesAmsterdamUvA-logo_thumbnail
Dystopia Afternoon 17 May 2017OZSW PhD Council EventNijmegenLogoOZSW_WitOpRood_60x60
Mind the Gap: (In)famous Oppositions in the History of Philosophy12-13 May 2017Course2,5NunspeetUU_thumbnail
Ethical Theory and Moral Practice3 - 7 April 2017 Springschool6BarchemRU-thumbnail UU_thumbnail
PhD weekend in the Ardennes31 March - 2 April 2017PhD Council EventArdennesLogoOZSW_WitOpRood_60x60
Ethics and Health14, 16, 28 and 30 March 2017Course5UtrechtUU_thumbnail
Dutch Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy IV18-19 February 2017Seminar GroningenRU_thumbnail.jpg
Research Master Winter School10 -11 February 2017Winter School2.5GroningenRU_thumbnail.jpg
Climate Ethics30 January - 2 February 2017Course5UtrechtUU_thumbnail
OZSW Conference9-10 December 2016OZSW ConferenceGroningenRU_thumbnail.jpg
Social Epistemology7-8 December 2016 Masterclass2GroningenRU_thumbnail.jpg
Philosophy of Responsible Innovation23, 24, 25 & 30 November, 1&2 December 2016Course 5Delft; WageningenTUD_thumbnail wur-logo_vierkant
Philosophy of Risk 31 October, 1-4 November 2016Course 5EindhovenRU-thumbnail
OZSW Debat: “Valorization as Quality Criterion for Research in Philosophy”28 October 2016DebateDelftRU-thumbnail
36th Dutch-Flemish Day of Philosophy22 October 2016Leusden
History of Philosophy “Prom”14 Oktober 2016Meet-upUtrechtUU_thumbnail
Summer Seminar 'Coming to Terms with Power'August 25-26, 2016Summer Seminar NijmegenRU-thumbnail
Bootcamp Women in Philosophy24 June 2016 1-day masterclassRotterdamSWIPimages
Close Readings of the Greatest Hits of Recent Ethical Theory 3, 10, 17, 24 & 31 MayCourse5AmsterdamVU-Amsterdam_thumbnail
Graduate Conference Theoretical Philosophy 'How Philosophy Meets the World'20-22 April 2016Graduate conferenceEnschedeUniversity of Twente
Philosophy of Law29 March & 5, 12, 19 & 26 AprilCourse5DelftTUD_thumbnail
Historiography: Philosophy and Its History18 March, 1 & 22 April, 13 & 27 May 2016Course5RotterdamErasmus University Rotterdam
Dutch Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy III24-25 March 2016SeminarRotterdamErasmus University Rotterdam
OZSW PhD Council Event "Get Ready for the Island"18-20 March 2016PhD Council EventTexelLogoOZSW_WitOpRood_60x60
OZSW ReMa Winter School11-13 February 2016ReMa winter school2,5UtrechtUU_thumbnail
3rd Annual OZSW Conference 11-12 Dec 2015 Conferencen/aAmsterdamVU-Amsterdam_thumbnail
Philosophy of Responsible Innovation 17, 20 & 24 November, 3, 7 & 16 December, 2015Course5various locationsLogoOZSW_WitOpRood_60x60
Philosophy of Risk2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 November, 2015Course5EindhovenTUE_thumbnail
Women Philosophers From Antiquity Until the 21th Century18 & 25 September & 2,9 & 16 October, 2015CourseAmsterdamVU-Amsterdam_thumbnail
Diversifying Philosophy. Recent Trends in Feminist Thought11 & 12 SeptemberSymposiumn/aAmsterdamVU-Amsterdam_thumbnail
Emotions and Moral Agency25-28 August 2015summer school5RotterdamErasmus University Rotterdam
Neurophilosophy: Self, Science and Society 10-14 August 2015summer school2NijmegenRU-thumbnail
OZSW Summer School Collegium Spinozanum 7-10 July 2015summer schoolGroningenRU_thumbnail
Theoretical Philosophy29 Apr. - 1 May 2015graduate conferenceNijmegenRU-thumbnail
Ethical Theory & Applied Ethics20-24 april 2015spring school ('old' winterschool)6BarchumUU_thumbnail
Design for Values 7-10 April 2015course5DelftTUD_thumbnail
Religious Melancholy and Secularisation in Early Modern Europe20 February 2015MasterclassNijmegenRU-thumbnail
35th Dutch-Flemish Day of Philosophy17 Jan. 20151-day seminarn/aGroningenRU_thumbnail
Values and Knowledge: Exploring the Ethics and Methods of Social Science11-13 Dec. 2014ReMa winter school2RotterdamErasmus University Rotterdam
2nd Annual OZSW Conference7-8 Nov. 2014conference n/aNijmegenRU-thumbnail
Marya Schechtman on "Staying Alive: Personal Identity, Practical Concerns, and the Unity of a Life" 6 Nov. 2014master classn/aNijmegenRU-thumbnail
State of the Art in Aesthetics 24 & 31 Oct.
14, 21 & 29 Nov. 2014
Close Readings of the Greatest Hits of Recent Ethical Theory 13, 15, 17, 19 & 21 Oct. 2014course5DelftTUD_thumbnail
Interdisciplinary research1 October 2014seminar PhD counciln/aUtrechtLogoOZSW_WitOpRood_60x60
Ethiek van Gezondheid en Zorg5/12/19/26 Sept. 2014course5UtrechtErasmusMC_thumbnailUMC_Utrecht_thumbnail
Epistemology and Cognition 25-29 Aug. 2014summer schooln/aGroningenRU_thumbnail
Dilemmas and Dirty Hands:
Ethical & Political Perspectives
25-28 Aug. 2014summer school5AmsterdamUvA-logo_thumbnail
Science and the Big Questions18-21 Aug. 2014 summer schooln/aAmsterdamVU-Amsterdam_thumbnail
Theoretical Philosophy26-28 May 2014graduate conferenceAmsterdamVU-Amsterdam_thumbnail
McDowel13 June 2014workshopNijmegenRU_thumbnail
Design for Values7-11 Apr. 2014courseDelftTUD_thumbnail
Morality & the Law24-28 Mar. 2014courseDelftTUD_thumbnail
Ethical Theory & Applied Ethics10-14 Mar. 2014winter schoolBarchumUU_thumbnail
Environmental Ethics20-25 Jan. 2014courseEindhovenTUE_thumbnail
OZSW Research Master School 20135-7 Dec. 2013ReMa WinterschoolLunterenRU-thumbnail
Idealism, Realism, Empiricism –
Philosophical debates around 1800
29-30 Nov. 2013workshopUtrechtUU_thumbnail
2013 OZSW conference15-16 Nov. 2013conferenceRotterdamErasmus University Rotterdam
Perspectives on Social Freedom:
Core Issues in Political Philosophy
21 & 28 Oct.
4, 11 & 18 Nov. 2013
34th Dutch-Flemish Day of Philosophy31 Aug. 20131-day seminarEindhovenTUE_thumbnail
Beauty & Truth in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy21-23 Aug. 2013summer schoolAmsterdamVU-Amsterdam_thumbnail
Reciprocity & the Normative Foundations of Legal Orders25-29 Aug. 2013summer schoolBarchumVU-Amsterdam_thumbnailUvT_thumbnail
Philosophers' Rally16-17 May 2013student conferenceUtrechtRU_thumbnail
Theoretical Philosophy 18-20 Apr. 2013graduate conferenceGroningenRU_thumbnail
Ethics & the Empirical Sciences25 Mar, 15 Apr, 6 & 27 May, 10 & 24 June 2013courseAmsterdamVU-Amsterdam_thumbnail
Morality & the Law22-27 Apr. 2013courseDelftTUD_thumbnail
Normativity15-17 Nov. 2012ReMa winter schoolSoesterbergUvA-logo_thumbnail