Naomi Kloosterboer, winner of the Dutch-Flemish day of philosophy

The OZSW is really proud to congratulate Naomi Kloosterboer who won the Dutch-Flemish day of philosophy with her ‘slam-science type’ talk: ‘Hoe je overtuigd raakt: luister niet naar de neurologen’, as well as Frank van Caspel and Jojanneke Vanderveen who respectively came second and third. From left to right: Jojanneke Vanderveen, Naomi Kloosterboer and Frank … Continue reading Naomi Kloosterboer, winner of the Dutch-Flemish day of philosophy

Annual OZSW Debate on Valorization

All OZSW members are invited to register for the OZSW annual debate. The topic this year is “Valorization as a Quality Criterion for Research in Philosophy” (“Valorisatie als Kwaliteitskriterium van Filosofisch Onderzoek”). It will take place on 28 October 2016, at the Delft University of Technology. Prof. dr. Sabine Roeser, prof. dr. Maarten Doorman and prof. … Continue reading Annual OZSW Debate on Valorization

Dutch-Flemish Day of Philosophy: ‘Tall Tales’

Dear all, On 22 October 2016 an event will take place that is not to be missed: the yearly ‘Dutch-Flemish day of Philosophy’, or, in Dutch, de ‘Nederlands-Vlaamse Filosofiedag’. Its theme will be ‘Tall tales’ (of: ‘Sterke Verhalen’). Dutch and Flemish philosophers are ‘taalkunstenaars’: they have always excelled in combining philosophy with storytelling. To highlight … Continue reading Dutch-Flemish Day of Philosophy: ‘Tall Tales’

Three new studygroups

We are happy to announce that three new study groups have been put up at OZSW: Studygroup Ancient Philosophy; Studygroup Philosophy of Biology; and Studygroup Philosophy in Central and Eastern Europe. Studygroup Ancient Philosophy aims to discuss recent trends in research about Greco­Roman philosophy. There will be meetings twice a year. During these meetings, (i) recently published papers (and book chapters) wil be discussed that promise to … Continue reading Three new studygroups

Bootcamp Women in Philosophy

The PhD Council of the OZSW, in collaboration with SWIP.NL (Society of Women in Philosophy) and the SMO (Stichting Maatschappij en Onderneming), organizes a Bootcamp Women in Philosophy on the Friday June 24, 2016. It is well known that women are still underrepresented in the field of academic philosophy. We not only aim to reflect on the … Continue reading Bootcamp Women in Philosophy

Save the dates!

The OZSW announces two great events taking place later this year: 1. The ‘Nederlands-Vlaamse Filosofiedag’. This yearly event is planned on Saturday, 22 October 2016. It will be hosted by the ISVW , the ‘Internationale School voor Wijsbegeerte’ in Leusden, this year celebrating its 100th anniversary. The PhD Council of the OZSW is responsible for … Continue reading Save the dates!