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A student-assistant will regularly add all (academic, Dutch) philosophy events advertised on Filos-NL to the OZSW event calendar. If you have an event that you would like to see added to this calendar, please check first if it has not already been included.

Event submissions are moderated, so your event will not be published until we reviewed it. Thank you for your patience (but if it takes really too long, please contact us at Please note that we will not approve events unless it concerns academic philosophy events, organized by/at Dutch universities.

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About the OZSW event calendar

The OZSW event calendar lists academic philosophy events organized by/at Dutch universities, and is offered by the OZSW as a service to the research community. Please check the event in question – through their website or organizer – to find out if you could participate and whether registration is required. Obviously we carry no responsibility for non-OZSW events.