Board of the OZSW (“Schoolbestuur”)

The board of the OZSW consists of the dean or another representative from each of the 11 Faculties/Departments of Philosophy which have established the OZSW. The board is responsible for all major decision and policy making regarding the OZSW.

Delft University of TechnologyIbo van de Poel
Eindhoven University of TechnologyAnthonie Meijers (chair)
Erasmus University RotterdamFrank van der Duyn Schouten
Radboud University NijmegenHans Thijssen
University of AmsterdamArianna Betti
University of GroningenLodi Nauta
University of LeidenFrans de Haas
University of TilburgFrans van Peperstraten
University of TwenteCiano Aydin
University of UtrechtMarcus Düwell
VU University AmsterdamMarije Martijn
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